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Mongaup Interpretive Center

Croxton Collaborative Architects, PC
Croxton Collaborative Architects, PC, founded in 1978, is a full- service planning, architecture and interior design firm. In addition to their well-known design ability, recognized by a National American Institute of Architects (AIA) Honor Award for Design Excellence, Croxton Collaborative Architects has originated and developed much of the practice of environmental/ sustainable and human-centered architecture and design. As an internationally recognized innovator, they have defined the criteria that are used to establish universally accepted goals and practices in this field of sustainable or "green" architecture. Their first, full spectrum, environmentally informed project for the Natural Resources Defense Council Headquarters (NRDC) stands today as the seminal project that 'turned the ship', proving that to be 'environmental', a project must address the full ecology of the building: light, air, energy and human health and well-being. Today, their leadership work extends the same level of expectation and performance to the related sitework, and to the impacts of such work far beyond the property lines of the site.

Croxton Collaborative achieves its unique level of performance through balancing the art and science of architecture the use of customized simulation tools, renewables and day-lighting systems, advanced knowledge and understanding of air quality parameters, materials conservation and waste stream management. All of these tools are used to achieve the ultimate goal: to create an optimum interaction between built and natural systems and to reconnect people to natural assets: full spectrum light and maximum fresh air. The firm's parallel research into the nature of materials, levels of toxicity, and high quality, benign alternatives is original and second to none. Rigorous research into the characteristics of building and fit-up materials, products and finishes is an on-going process of quality enhancement within the firm.

The act of building both structure and site is seen as a 'restorative' act: to restore natural systems in the case of damaged environments, or at the very least to honor and enhance existing environments when they exist in a pristine state. All of the firm's work is undertaken with environmental/sustainable and human-centered insights which have redefined term 'design excellence'. Unique in its field of endeavor, the firm produces architecture as originally defined: that is, both art and science.

In addition to the firm's international recognition in the field of environmental/sustainable design, Croxton Collaborative has shown a high level of expertise regarding projects involving site-sensitive structures, community-based design processes, and coordination with restoration and conservation of important historical structures. This work is undertaken on a regular basis, and integrates the resources of the local community - such as local historical/community groups' data and knowledge, and local building materials - fully into the design process.

Andropogon Associates
With twenty-five years of experience in the master planning of public landscapes, including historical sites, parks, and public gardens, Andropogon is deeply committed to enhancing the entire visitor experience. Visitors, from the moment they arrive, are affected by the entire experience of a visitor center landscape. The clarity of the signage, the flow of the entrance roads, the attractiveness and scale of parking lots and service facilities, building location of building, and even the route and views from paths leading to the larger historical landscape all provide messages that are absorbed subconsciously by visitors. These functional elements of the landscape should enhance and stimulate initial impressions.

The concept of sustainability is at the core of their practice. Design strategies grow out of the unique aspects each site -- from its soils, water, and bedrock geology, to its plants, people, and land-use history. In conserving the fundamental resources of each site - its land, water, and vegetation - and by working with the natural and cultural patterns and processes of a place, interventions strengthen, rebuild, and enhance the character of landscapes. (Croxton and Andropogon are currently teamed on several projects, integrating site and building to create new benchmarks for high performance projects.)

For a site such as Mongaup/UPDE, whose primary concern is the stewardship and interpretation of its landscape, cultural and wildlife resources, the new functional elements of the site should be designed to embody the historical significance and special ambience of the park. No greater design innovation or creative insight can be realized than one which captures a truly unique and insightful presence-the power of place-a seminal presence.

Matthew D. Rudikoff Associates, Inc. (MDRA)
Matthew D. Rudikoff Associates, Inc. assists public and private clients in a wide range of assignments encompassing environmental analysis, compliance with Federal (NEPA) and State required environmental procedures, public involvement mechanisms and procedures, planning and zoning services, solid waste services, real estate development services, social and cultural facilities planning, and economic development services.

MDRA is a diversified planning, environmental, and community development firm with professional expertise in: natural and environmental resource planning and analysis; comprehensive project permitting; ecology and wetland analysis; construction monitoring; demography and fiscal impact assessment; historic and cultural resource analysis; neighborhood and special district planning; zoning, subdivision, wetland and other environmental regulations; site plan review and coordination; community and economic development; growth management; traffic; real estate development and financing; land use planning; and grant procurement and administration.

MDRA's staff includes professional specialists in the technical and analytic fields, as well as those in the planning, strategic, administrative and qualitative disciplines. Staffing includes an expert Ph.D. biologist/ecologist certified in Federal Jurisdictional Wetlands Delineation Methodology and Wetland Construction Techniques. Other wetland related specializations include terrestrial, aquatic, rare plants and animals, preparation of unit management plans, and significant or sensitive habitat studies.

MDRA is particularly experienced in NEPA and SEQRA compliance, including the NPS DO 12 Handbook with regards to internal and public scoping, EA or EIS document preparation, public involvement strategies, preparation of public presentation materials, participation in alternative design reviews, identification of mitigation measures, preparation of environmental decisions, and maintenance of the public record of Agency environmental actions. MDRA represents private and public clients who have moved through comprehensive environmental procedures for bridges, highways, parks, historic sites, public facilities and scores of private development projects, from beginning to end.

A key component of MDRA's efforts is to work with the public to foster an understanding of the project and it's implications, create a vehicle for public input, and to maintain the public record of the project.

Other Key Consultants on the Project Team:

MEP/Life Safety Engineer: Arup
Structural/Civil Engineers: Barbara Thayer, P.C.
Exhibit Designer: Chermayeff & Geismar
Geotechnical: Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers
Archaeologist: Greenhouse Consultants
Industrial Hygenist: Tiffany-Bader Environmental, Inc.
Cost Consultants: Accu-Cost Construction Consultants
Lighting Consultant: Naomi Miller Lighting Design
Surveyor: C.T. Male Assoc. P.C.